Privacy Statement

April 20, 2021 at 9:35 AM

Dear participant, 

As you have already read, we are still developing this tool. However, privacy is of utmost concern for us. We are following the guidelines set out by the University of Amsterdam with regards to Ethics  ( and data management ( This means that we will not ask you to share identifiable data in the observations or interpretations. Some of the questions we pose are of a more personal nature. You can always decide to skip these questions, or withdraw from the research. 

  • The data (answers to questions, observations, interpretations) will be collected between Saturday May 15 - 12.00h and Sunday May 30 - 18.00h (GMT +2, Amsterdam). After this date only our researchers will have access to the website. 
  • The collection of data is for research and tool development purposes only. 
  • The data will not be shared with others. The results and interpretations will be shared anonymously. We anonymise all reports. Your interpretations will not be traceable back to you/ your e-mail address.

If you do have any questions about this, or you want to be removed from the project data, please contact us at or our Discord channel:



The system sets some session-cookies to improve your experience, this is not used for tracking of any sort. 

External tools used for tracking:

  • To analyse usage of the tool we use Hotjar; we might screen-record your usage to learn and improve our interface. Input given into fields like email adresses and passwords are masked out. After analysis these recordings are deleted. More about Hotjar and privacy can be read here:
  • Google analytics: to gain insights in page visits we use Google Analytics, but with IP Anonymisation.

Both are loaded using Google Tag Manager.